Lumica Soft Lure Puniika X Wing 90mm 3 Pieces Per Pack 10 colors


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Real squid pate that shines in Kemi firefly appears. Buoyancy control is freely available from floating to sinking! You can control the buoyancy to avoid root hanging and sink with sinker. “Puniika X-WING” is a simulated baud that combines a fiery odor Ika-kisu, realistically reproduces the shape of a small squid, texture and smell preferred for acne, ainame, cassava, soy and so on. You can insert the separately available luminous body “Kemihotaru 25” and “Lumico” inside the puniica.

【specification】 Size: Overall length 90 mm Weight: 6.0 g

Quantity: Enter 3 pieces.

The light emitter is sold separately.


Additional information

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Green, Green Clear, Silver, Silver Clear, White, Red, Pink, Brown, Blue, Orange


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